Enable Integration with Mailchimp

 MailChimp integration facilitates the staff to directly view and manage the Mailing subscription lists in the ticket detail and contact detail page of every customer, and also view campaign lists with details, on when the Campaign mail was opened and where the customer clicked at, along with timestamps.

How to set up the integration:

  1. Go to Manage > Integrations from the staff page.
  2. Click ‘Configure’ next to ‘Mailchimp’ from the list of External integrations.
  3. Enter the API key provided by MailChimp after creating an account in the ‘API Key’ text box, Check the Active check box(If not already checked) and click ‘Save Settings’.
  4. After configuration, You can see the green check mark against Mailchimp in the integration list page.

Result of the integration in ticket details page & contact details page:

  1. A separate panel Customer info from MailChimp appears in the ticket details page, and the contact details page.
  2. ‘Mailing list shows the list of mail groups, the contact is subscribed to.
  3. ‘Recent Campaigns displays a list of Campaigns the customer is a part of, and received mails from.
  4. 'Edit Subscription link next to the panel header(customer info from mailchimp), helps managing subscriptions. The staff can Check/UnCheck to instantly Subscribe/Unsubscribe the customer from any of the mailing lists.
  5. Hovering on the small ‘eye‘ icon next to each campaign, a pop up displays:
    • Opened at’ : Time stamp of the user opening the campaign mail.

    • Clicked’ : Provides the click through link clicked by the end user from the campaign mail, along with the time stamp.

    • Multiple iterations of the above user actions will also be listed in the hover.

Ticket details page:

Contact details page:

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  • 16-Aug-2016