Enable integration with Shopify

 Enable integration with Shopify

HappyFox integration with Shopify will facilitate the staff to view the Customer's order details, Shipping details, Contact information in their Happyfox ticket details page, to choose the right set of actions. It also suggests contacts from Shopify, whenever a customer name is looked up in the 'Lookup existing contact' textbox.

This integration is only available on Mighty, Fantastic and Enterprise subscription plans in HappyFox.

How to setup the Integration:

  1. Go to Manage >> Integrations from the staff page.
  2. Click ‘Configure’ next to ‘Shopify’ from the list of External integrations
  3. Enter the store name in the ‘Shopify Account name’ box; Your store name is the first part of your domain name. (Eg: exquisite-store in the case of https://exquisite-store.myshopify.com).

  4. Check the Active check box(If not already checked) and click ‘Save Settings’. 

  5. On Clicking ‘Save settings’, the page redirects to the Shopify app page, to ‘Install HappyFox’.(Initial setup in Shopify is a prerequisite to get to this step).
  6. After configuration, You can see the green check mark against Shopify in the integration list page.

Result of the Integration: 

a) Ticket Detail Page:

  • 2 new panels are added to the ticket details page.
  • 'Customer Details from Shopify- Provides information on First name, Last name, Customer Email, Address, Contact number & Customer since.
  • 'Recent Orders from Shopify- Provides information on Order ref, Order, Date, Status, Total Amount, Currency, Discount Amount.

  • On clicking the 'Order Ref', a face box opens, which provides more information on the order details. More detailed and granular information on the order can be found here, like Order Totals, Payment and Shipping, Confirmation Mail status.
  • Additionally, View in Shopify is a link that directs the staff to the order information page on Shopify site.

b) New Ticket page:

  • When a customer is looked up in the new ticket page with Name or Email or Phone number, a new panel Results from Shopify appears, which pulls the most relevant contacts from Shopify and displays here. On clicking on this contact, the ticket fields get auto populated with the contact details extracted from Shopify.
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  • 12-Sep-2016